Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you offer a course for Concealed Carry Permits?

Yes. Handgun 1 (HG01) covers all of the requirements for a Maine Concealed Firearms Permit as well as some other states. Class includes not only dry-fire and live-fire training but also includes a law review that addresses concealed carry and the use of force and deadly force (Title 17-A Sections 104-110). A state-accepted certificate of completion is provided at the conclusion of the course. We also offer a course for the Utah CFP. This permit allows you to carry in over 30 states!



What do I need to bring with me to the Handgun 1 Class?

If you have one, you need to bring your pistol (.380, 9mm, .40SW, .45acp) and 250 rounds of ammunition. If you don’t have one, a pistol can be provided with ammunition. You will also need: at least 3 working magazines (the more, the better), a belt-mounted holster that fits your pistol (no cross-draw or shoulder rigs), magazine pouches and a sturdy belt to hold it all up. Hearing and eye protection are also necessary and we have a small selection to choose from if you find yourself short. Lunch and a baseball cap are also needed. An equipment list is provided in the class descriptions portion of the site.


What do I need to bring with me to the Summer Bushcraft Course in Jackman?



  • -Alice Pack or equivalent
  • -Pack cover


  • Three Layer System (Summer)
  • -Thermarest/ ISOMAT


  • -Saw
  • -Poncho Liner
  • -Knife
  • -Multi-tool
  • -Collapsible Shovel (lexan or metal)


  • -Poncho x 2
  • -Tarp
  • -Ground Cloth
  • -Space Blanket (Heavy Duty)


  • -Thin Polypro
  • -Pants and shirt appropriate for outdoor adventure
  • -Strong belt
  • -Gortex (or weatherproof shell)
  • -Balaclava / Hat
  • -Gloves 2 pair


  • -Good boots (well broken in)
  • -Wool Socks (Multiple)


  • -Stove
  • -Fuel Bottle / Fuel / Pump
  • -Cook Set or Kettle
  • -Lighter
  • -Eating utensil
  • -Snacks / Hot Drinks


  • -Tooth Brush / Tooth Paste
  • -Pack Towels
  • -T.P. (no wet wipes)
  • -Chap Stick
  • -No Products Containing alcohol


  • -Chemlites
  • -Head Lamp / Batteries
  • -Whistle
  • -Backup Light


  • -Nalgene Bottles (x2) or Canteens (x2)
  • -Other other hydration systems
  • -Personal water filtration system or purification tablets.


  • -550 Cord / Bungees
  • -Bug Dope
  • -Map / Compass
  • -First Aid Kit
  • -Assorted Zip-lock/Trash Bags
  • -GPS



What is your cancellation policy?

We have a no-refund policy for cancellation of reservations on all courses, but you can always move your registration to another date. Cancellation with transfer of registration for a specific course is without penalty up to 3 full days prior to the course for one-day courses. For multi-day courses, cancellation with transfer of registration for a specific course is without penalty up to 7 full days prior to the course . After that, we will move your registration and if we fill your spot in the course there is no penalty. If we are unable to fill the spot, there is a $50 fee for cancellation/transfer. No-shows and cancellations within 24hrs of the start of the class or during a class are a complete forfeiture of tuition. No-shows and cancellations within 4hrs of scheduled range time are a complete forfeiture of pre-paid fees.Please contact us regarding extenuating circumstances.

For multi-day courses we will not refund any tuition once the class has begun. Any third-party transactions such as Groupon will require that you deal with that entity regarding any refunds.


What kind of holster should I bring?

For Handgun 1 (HG01) and Basic Handgun Safety courses you will need a holster that is worn on your strong side hip. For classes beyond Handgun 1, any holster other than a cross-draw or shoulder holster will work just fine for the class. It does, however, need to fit the gun you are bringing. A stiff belt that supports the weight of the holster and allows you to draw and re-holster the gun is also a must. For advanced classes and rifle classes holster types required or recommended may vary.



What types of guns and calibers are appropriate for your classes?

We recommend high quality pistols in .380, 9mm, .40s&w or .45acp caliber (.357sig or 10mm are also allowed). Revolvers should be at least .38 cal. Handguns in .22, .25 and .32cal are much lighter in recoil and skills learned on those calibers may not transfer well to larger, defensive caliber weapons. For this reason small caliber handguns are not recommended. Small caliber handguns are allowed in Basic Handgun Safety class but if you continue to HG1.5 you will need a standard caliber handgun as stated above. We recommend (but do not require) that pistols have a slide that can be locked back (Walther PPK is one high quality pistol that does not lock back), revolvers should have a swing-out cylinder. Call us if you have further questions on the appropriateness of your handgun.

Preferred calibers are 5.56/.223; 300BLK; 6.8 SPC; 7.62×39 and .308 (.22’s are not highly reliable for this, but although we do not recommend them, we will allow them)  Our standard series of carbine classes is based upon the AR-15 platform rifle. AK classes are based upon the Kalashnikov platform. Many skills involve magazine changes, so a magazine-fed weapon would be best. AR’s, AK’s, HK’s, M14′s, M1 Carbines, even pistol-caliber carbines are all welcome.



Do I need to bring my own weapon?

No. We have demo handguns, rifles and related gear that you can use for the day. Actually, if you are looking to purchase a firearm, using one of our demo guns is usually better than borrowing a gun from a friend or relative. See the class description portion of the site for info on Demo Weapons.



Do you sell the same firearms that you use in your classes?

Absolutely! We demo and sell reputable firearms. Our ‘range’ guns are Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield for pistols; Windham Weaponry, Weaponcraft and Daniel Defense for AR’s and Arsenal 107’s for AK’s. We also sell S&W M&P15 AR’s and can build you a custom AR15 rifle from the components of your choosing, beginning with our own, high quality forged receivers and using quality parts from a number of top manufacturers. We can also get you any quality firearm including suppressors (silencers) and legally registered machine guns.



How long is each class?

Most classes are a full 8 hour day, starting at 8:00 or 9:00 and going until 4 or 5. Low-light classes are usually 4-5 hours; starting later in the day to take advantage of dusk and nighttime.



Do you have ammo for sale?

Yes we do. We sell ammo at market prices and will have it for you at the range. If you are looking for ammo for the class, please give us a call or indicate this on your course registration/application. It can be waiting for you at the range on class day.



Can I bring more than one gun?

Yes. And you can shoot them as often as you would like as long as it is not interfering with the pace of the class. We do ask that in Handgun 1 you keep to either revolver or pistol style handgun for that particular day.



Are the classes rain or shine?

For the most part. We will reschedule a class if there is a pending storm with heavy rain or snow that will cause hazardous driving conditions. People are generally busy and are bound by dates and schedules, so we try not to cancel classes if at all possible.



Are there any age requirements?


14 years of age on the day of the class is the minimum age for open enrollment group classes.

Anyone under 16 needs to have a parent or guardian registered and participating in the class.

Students 16-17 need a parent to sign the participation waiver in the presence of an instructor.

Weaponcraft encourages parents to teach their children about the potential dangers of firearms and the respect they require. Age restrictions can be waived for private lessons.



Do you give discounts for groups or clubs?

Yes we do. We have both a buddy program with reduced tuition for two or more people signing up together and a group rate for private groups. We also do corporate events and team-building challenge days. Call for details.



Ammo is hard to find, do you have classes for RELOADING?

We do not offer reloading classes at this time.



Do you offer private training?

Yes. We offer one-on-one training and small group semi private training for up to four students with one instructor. Larger private groups can be accommodated as well. Private training is arranged by appointment only and requires 7-10 day lead time. Email us if you are interested in this option. A typical Handgun 1 course for one or two students can be done in a 5-6 hour timeframe.



I have never shot a handgun before, will that be a problem?

Many of our Handgun 1 students have never even held a gun before. It takes courage for some people to make that first trigger pull. We can be with you every step of the way.




I would like my children to learn about firearms, can they attend classes?

Yes they can. We have a minimum age requirement of 14 when they take a class with a parent. Also above.



Are the carbine courses for military weapons only?

The course is designed around the AR-15 platform. Although there are some drills that won’t apply you can take the class with a lever-action or pump-action rifle if you prefer.