Specialty Courses / Visiting Instructors

Bushcraft: Survival Skills in the Wilderness (Summer)

Bushcraft is a six-day (four days in the woods) mini-survival school. Our professional (current military) survival instructors will take students through all aspects of living in the New England wild under summer conditions. No firearms are used in this course. You need to be fit enough to hike/bushwhack with a full ruck or backpack. First Aid will be taught as teachable moments arise. This is not a wilderness first aid course.  

-Gear familiarization and placement.
-Shelter building and considerations.
-Water procurement (iodine tabs, filtration, sterilization)
-Food procurement, edible plants.
-Dispatch, dress, prepare and cook small game.
-Snares and traps. If anything is caught, dispatch, prepare and cook.
-Land Orienteering
-Movement Techniques in Rural area.
-Deception and tracking.
-Hot weather considerations
-Fire building and Consideration for Conditions.
-Familiarization of Survival tools and equipment.
-Tool / weapon building.
-Survival Mindset

Gear choice is important. Please plan ahead. Email us if we can help you. We will share gear info questions/answers to all enrolled students.

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Both Instructors are current Survival Instructors with vast knowledge and real world experience of survival techniques and tactics. Both instructors work on the Spec Ops side of the military. One is a Navy SEAL and the other a Force Reconnaissance Marine. Together they have over 40 years of military experience to include multiple combat deployments.  Courses/school that both instructors have mastered: Static Line and Free Fall, Combat Diver, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Static/Dynamic/Close Quarters Combat, Range Safety Officer (RSO)/Range Operations Safety (ROS), Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), etc. Both instructors are currently qualified military instructors, having instructed over 2,700 Marines and Sailors in the arts of survival.

REGISTRATION OPEN NOW! Due to logistical planning requirements, registration will close at 5:00 pm on August 1, 2017

Cost:  $1,085 Total (Tuition $895 plus 4 Meals and Two Nights Lodging at Moose River Outpost $190)                      
Dates: Aug 16 2017 (arrive by 3:00/1500hrs). Depart Aug 21 after breakfast and debrief (may stay to fish but lunch not available).
Duration: 6 Total Days with 4 days in the woods & 2 Nights at MRO
Location: Moose River Outpost (Jackman, ME)

Moose River Outpost, or MRO is a christian summer camp with a 7,000 acre complex in Jackman Maine that totally encompasses 200+ acre Heald Pond and has a number of training locations where we can conduct pistol and carbine classes, 7,000 acres for wilderness survival, land navigation and interior logging roads that allow for night vision driving and  200-1800 yds (over a mile) line-of-sight for medium to long distance shooting. The camp also provides accommodations, meals and access to great trout fishing as well !
We appreciate our hosts’ interest in what we do and look forward to being able to provide a training venue unlike anything in the Northeastern U.S.



Street Smart 1: Situational Awareness & Crime Avoidance

Street Smart 1 is a three-hour course that educates students on how to observe and behave in a manner that will reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of street crimes (crimes of opportunity).

Situational Awareness is knowing what’s going on around you. It starts with paying attention to your surroundings. Weaponcraft’s Situational Awareness & Crime Avoidance course is designed to teach you the basics of keeping out of harm’s way. A mix of lecture, video analysis and practical exercises takes students through how to be more aware and what to look for when out and about to avoid potential dangers. This course is taught in our Saco location or can be brought to your organization’s location.


Cost: $99
Duration: 3 hrs
Location: Weaponcraft Training Center (Saco, ME)

How would you react in the situation shown here? MVI_1288



UTAH: Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Training


UTAH is a stand-alone course for those who have taken NRA Basic Pistol, HG01 or anyone having a valid CFP (from any state). Class is taught by Utah Certified CFP Instructor and meets the requirements for a Utah Non-resident Concealed Firearms Permit, which is valid in 32-35 states depending upon applicant’s state of residence. This class is indoor only and requires that you bring or use a demo firearm, two magazines, holster. There is no live-fire in the Utah State Firearms Permit Class Curriculum, so no ammo is required. Dummy rounds for dry-fire manipulation drills will be supplied.

To see the list of States accepting the Utah CFP, follow this link:  Utah Reciprocity


Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol, HG01 or CFP from any state.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Tuition: $100/student (additional family/friends: $90)



PSG01 Practical Shotgun 1


The tactical shotgun has been lauded by experts as the most versatile and effective weapon system for defensive combat in close quarters. Weaponcraft’s Practical Shotgun Course prepares the student for defensive uses of the shotgun in life-threatening scenarios.

Prerequisites: None


  • Firearm/Life Safety Rules
  • Combat Mindset
  • Tactical Firing Stance
  • Capabilities and Limitations of Shotguns
  • Shot shells vs Slugs
  • Shot Patterning
  • Gear Selection/Placement
  • Loading, Unloading, Tactical Re-loading
  • Low Light Considerations
  • Malfunction Clearing
  • Live-fire Exercises


Equipment Needed

  • Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun with sling
  • 300 rounds  bird-shot
  • 35 slug rounds
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred but not required)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle


Cost: $185

Round Count: 335 rounds



VTC: Vehicle Tactics Course


Vehicle Tactics Course is designed to give students the opportunity to operate and manipulate their carbine and handgun in and around a vehicle in a controlled setting without putting their own privately owned vehicle at risk of damage. Students will shoot alone and with teammates from inside, outside and through the windshield of multiple vehicles and get an understanding of how the automobile can be used in the most advantageous way in a potential deadly situation.



  • Life Safety Brief
  • Combat Mindset
  • Gear Selection/Placement
  • Review of Malfunctions Clearing
  • Speed vs. Accuracy Warm-up Drills
  • Carrying a Gun In Your Car
  • Shooting Positions Around the Vehicle
  • Windshield Ballistics
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Multiple Shooters Around One Vehicle (Teamwork)
  • Communicating With Passengers



Equipment Needed

  • Rifle (.223/5.56)
  • 3 rifle magazines with pouches (Minimum of 3)
  • Weapon sling
  • Weapon lubricant
  • Magazine-fed Pistol (.380, 9mm, .40SW or .45ACP)
  • 3 magazines with belt mounted pouches
  • Belt-mounted holster (no shoulder or cross-draw rigs)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred but not required)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle

Cost: $210.00

Round Count: 400 Rifle – 300 Pistol



AKARM: AK Armorer’s Class


Taught by Owen Martin from Snakehound Machine in New Hampshire, this one day course covers the history, design, engineering, maintenance, and modification of the Kalashnikov platform. This is not a builders class, so we won’t be pressing barrels or rivets, but we will cover everything else with both lecture and hands-on instruction, including trigger tuning.

Required materials:

Kalashnikov Rifle (shotgun is ok if you don’t have a rifle)
Needle nose pliers
Small or medium phillips and flathead screwdrivers
Hand files
Note taking material
Mallet (optional)
Any specific tools or parts required for aftermarket parts or accessories you might bring.

The VZ series of rifles are NOT AKs, please do not bring this type of firearm. Unconverted Saiga rifles and shotguns are discouraged, as you will not be able to fully participate in all hands on activities.
Class is approximately 8 hours, starts at 10am. There will be a break for lunch however pack lunches are encouraged, bonus points if it’s an MRE.


Prerequisites: None.
Course Duration: 8 hours
Tuition: $175


Hosted / Visiting Instructors:



Dark Angel Medical, Kerry Davis

Weaponcraft will be hosting Dark Angel Medical for Tactical Aid Courses in May and October of 2017. Course locations TBA. Registration, when available can be found at here

Class cost is $450, tuition includes a Dark Angel Med Kit